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BPN Waste Bins

Wondering about those orange bins that have started appearing?  Maybe you're already scanned the QR code and found out... We just thought it's such a great path network and a shame when there is litter and dog waste bags lying around... and also as dog walkers ourselves we know how unpleasant it is to carry a bag back for a mile... or two!  

So, we've started installing bins - 18 so far - with 26 planned (see the map below).  Many of these have been suggestions from the community, and thanks to a generous donation from the Rotary Club we've been able to buy a total of 45 bins.

When you scan the code, we get an email and we've been emptying the next day.  Craig & Isla go out running and have a hygenic backpack to empty and dispose at the nearest council bin.

Would you like to get involved?  We can add you to the email and you can feel the obligation to collect the next time you're out!